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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I hate the term semi-formal.  It confuses everyone.

It's an event that is neither casual, nor formal.  This too is confusing.

Here's what to wear if the event is semi-formal, after five or business formal:

1. Short Afternoon or Cocktail Dress
2. Long dressy skirt and top
3. A Dressy Suit
4. A Little Black Dress (of course)

Rule of Thumb for Skirt Length:
If  your skirt length is between your knees and ankles, you're ok.
If it's floor length, you're too formal.
If it's above the knees, you're probably too casual.

In my opinion your age is a consideration too.  Some looks are too old on young people and some looks are too young on old people.

5. Shoes:
- Medium to High Heels
- Maybe flats, but it's difficult
- NEVER sneakers.  NEVER flip-flops.

6. Material
- Rich materials like wool, crepe, satin, silk, cashmere and velvet
- Never jersey cotton, leather, or denim (not classy enough)

7. Accessories
- A light sprinkling of jewelry (avoid gaudy)
- A small handbag, or clutch
- Wear pashminas or shawls for a splash of colour

8. Makeup
- Take your normal look and go one step further
- Keep the makeup light, don't go overboard into the 80s look (common amongst older people)
- Use the usual makeup that looks good for your eye colour;
- EYES LIPS not both!!!

8. Hair
- Your hair should look dressier than your everyday, but not too dressy (I hate wishy washy too)
- Up or Down is ok
- Down: easy way is to add some loose curls
- Clip on a pretty accessory
- Up: simple ponytail or polished bun


1. Dark suit (can go a bit lighter for daytime events)

That's it!  What to wear around your suit:
1. Always wear a jacket
2. Wear a plain, light shirt
3. Leather shoes that match your attire
4. Plain dark socks
5. Leather belt that matches your attire
6. Your wedding ring

1. Tie (if you wear one, make sure it's not too loud)
2. A watch (about the only other accessory that looks ok)
3. Matching vest

Keep this page on your smartphone for easy reference: