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Friday, September 20, 2013

Mesh and Standard Sizing

Like it or not, Mesh is here to stay.  Following the Live Singer Scene I'm always in very crowded places.  For example the awesome Savannah Coronet (https://www.facebook.com/savannah.coronet?hc_location=stream) recently drew a hundred people to a sim for her concert.  And the room is filled with floating, often topless, torsos and gray faceless avatars -- symptoms of wearing mesh.

What is Mesh?
Mesh are 3D models used by popular tools such as Maya, 3DS Max, Blender..
Mesh models are more detailed and complex than prims and designers can use external software tools to create content for Second Life.

More reading: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/What_is_mesh%3F

Types of meshes
Simple: Simple mesh is with a single face. It has a single color and texture, and can model a simple object in the real world.

Multi-face mesh: is a mesh with multiple textures.

Rigged mesh: is a mesh with an internal virtual skeleton. Manipulating the virtual skeleton causes corresponding changes in the shape of the mesh, which allows the mesh to be animated.

More reading:

Mesh Max Concurrent Requests
One of the first things you should do when you install a fresh viewer is bump the MeshMaxConcurrentRequests setting to something more reasonable.  By default the debug setting of this is 32 and this creates mesh problems.  Mesh is shown as broken and missing.

What this value should be depends on you really.

32 is not enough if you are surrounded by all mesh or have your draw distance high.  If your draw distance is high then you should bump this MeshMax value higher.

The higher the MeshMaxConcurrentRequests value, the more decode threads (devoted computer effort) are assigned to work on rendering your mesh properly.  If your draw distance is high and people are wearing mesh around you, then you will have to render them on your client -- so the more threads you have working on this effort the better it is.

To change this setting:
* Ctrl+Alt+D to reveal the Advanced menu at the top of the screen.
* Find something called Debug Settings. Choose that.
* Scroll down through the list until you find: MeshMaxConcurrentRequests
* Up the number there (It is 32 by default I think).  Try setting it to 100. Some have it higher at 150.

More reading: http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/general-sl-discussion/70191-why-mesh-max-concurrent-requests.html

Fitting in Mesh Clothing

Standard Sizing:
Normally mesh comes in five standard sizes:

XXS: Extra Extra Small
XS: Extra Small
S: Small
M: Medium
L: Large

By having standards, designers can create rigged mesh clothing to fit our avatars.

The standards are not random values but based on surveys of over 500 adult human female avatars and over 200 adult human male avatars.  The survey information was focused on the following measurements:

Body Fat, (under Edit Shape > Body)
Torso Muscle, (under Edit Shape > Torso)
Breast Size, (under Edit Shape > Torso)
Love Handles, (under Edit Shape > Torso)
Belly Size, (under Edit Shape > Torso)
Leg Muscle, (under Edit Shape > Legs)
Butt Size, (under Edit Shape > Legs) and
Saddle Bags (for females) (under Edit Shape > Legs)


Body Fat,
Belly Size,
Torso Muscle,
Love Handles,
Leg Muscle,
Butt Size,
Saddle Bags,
Package and Pectorals (for males).

Because rigged mesh responds to variations in Heights (including Height, Torso Length, and Leg Length) and Widths (including Body Thickness, Shoulder Width, Hip Width, etc.) on its own, these measurements were not included in the survey.


Female ShapeXXSXSSML
Body Fat +*0571124
Torso Muscle +2131353848
Breast Size3248525871
Love Handles2225283139
Belly Size023614
Leg Muscle*4045505669
Butt Size2434384462
Saddle Bags2230333645
Knee Angle*5050505050
+ For fitting Slink hands
* For fitting Slink feet

Very few females identified themselves as XL or XXL, so these are excluded.

To fit tops and dresses, the breast size parameter is often not enough.  I've found that I have to tweak Breast Buoyancy (so they're not as uplifted) and Breast Cleavage (so they're tighter in the chest area).


Body Fat0151322
Belly Size003914
Torso Muscle2837517288
Love Handles1119283542
Leg Muscle4349617685
Butt Size3041556573
Saddle Bags1116314956

You can download all 5 of the Standard-Sized shapes for free from the Marketplace here:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/100141 

Download standard shapes/References:

Only 8 shape parameters are necessary to fit into mesh.  An avatar is free to tweak the other shape sliders to get that indivudality he/she needs.  That's the official word, but in reality mesh designers will shape out the mesh clothes so you will get a bit of clone-age in your looks.  But mesh clothing has the potential to look so much nicer than regular SL clothes.