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Friday, September 27, 2013

Eyebrow Colour

In a virtual world you can get eyebrows in all sorts of different colours.  Many of the bigger named skin designers offer up several choices varying from light blondes to black.

Since we can mix and match our skin colour and hair colours so easily, what colours do you choose?  Well many people will automatically go to the one that matches their hair colour.  If blonde, go blonde.  If black, go black.

Is that right?

I've blogged eyebrows before and they can change the entire look of your face.  Even a slight shade adjustment can turn you from washed out waif to an edgy vixen.

Eyebrows help define your features. And a defined brow can give the face a focal point.

Here is the Common Rule of Thumb:
Dark Hair: Go 2 to 3 shades LIGHTER.
Light Hair: Go 2 to 3 shades DARKER.

But of course you don't have to adhere to this... here are the three options and things to consider when choosing your look:

#1. Darker Brows than your Hair
  • Good for getting an edgy look
  • Good for the fair-haired who can look washed out with light brows

#2. Lighter Brows than your Hair
  • Lighter brows can soften the face. 
  • This can make your eyes pop when you have dark eyes.
  • Of course don't go too light, or it looks like you don't have eyebrows at all (a danger of using the lightest brow shades).  
  • Many makeup artists don't like lightening brows.

#3. Brows same colour as Hair
  • Best for red heads
  • Pretty safe choice

Other Feedback
Many African-American and Hispanic women find dark brown powder looks well (though many like black).
Many Asian women find soft black powder attractive.

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