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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Edgy Style

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New month and new thoughts.  I thought I would try another style focus post on being Edgy.  Annnnnddd this is a super hard topic because, fashionistas and models alike don't agree that there is such a thing as edgy.

So a disclaimer in that this is not a definitive guide because there is no true definition of edgy.  There are also casual edgy, and fashion edgy.  Fashion edgy and Photography edgy.  Etc. Etc.

Truth be told, models and photographers say there is no definition

Henri3 (photographer) wrote:
"Should be obvious. Once it's definable, it's no longer edgy."


Here is the best summary of what edgy is:

"Edgy Fashion means one breast exposed, but not two."

Magnus Hedemark wrote:
"It is an undefinable word, as it is used differently by everyone to describe some ambiguous quality admired by the individual."

"For me, 'edgy' is a quality of the model that is portrayed by a combination of looks and posing/manner. In the end, something edgy is attractive and fascinating but in a non-pretty way, maybe even with a touch of darkness."

WHAT IS EDGY (Tiff's Viewpoint)
So I'm approaching an undefined style.  Okay.  However I do believe there is a specific generic edgy style out there, just like there is a generic idea of physical beauty.  After you get the template down (of edgy or what is physically beautiful) then you can diversify it into personal tastes.  If you do a Google Search for Edgy Fashion you get the same styles from different sources showcasing edgy fashion.

To me Edgy can be seen in Alexander Wang fashion

Alexander Wang
When models for something edgy they are generally looking for something "different". This can be in the styling, concept, location or posing.

Edgy Fashion has, of course, an edge.  Black.  Classic.  Hardcore.  Rocker.  Avant Garde.  Runway.  Grunge.  Faded.  Destroyed.  Leather.  Denime.  Spikes.  Studs.  etc. etc.

It is fierce.  It gives masculine accents to feminine looks, or transforms what is generic masculine into something fashionable/artistic.  It is something that cool but different.  It's not necessarily pretty but it is attractive and causes fascination.

It is NOT grunge, NOT skater, NOT goth.  That is a mistake a stylist will fall into.  Looking a little too vampire.  Too zombie.  Too sk8r.  You want fashionable edgy.

 Here is a video on making your everyday look edgy.

Edgy ala Alexander Wang fashion
Fashion designers add "badass" elements or composition elements that incite action or promise violence to their otherwise feminine designs to make them edgy.  You're edgy when you look totally confident, a bit rock star.  You look a bit naughty, a bit haughty, promise violence, or seem a bit unapproachable.

How to get Edgy
Take a feminine look and add a main element that makes it look either: violent, warrior-like, or rock-star.  Blacks and grays are favorite colours of edgy fashionistas.

For example, wear a feminine black dress and add an unconventional shoulder accent (which looks like a gladiator pauldron):


Instead of a simple tee, wear one with a rocker-like print


Here's how Alexander Wang's Fall 2013 fashion show was described:

Alexander Wang must have been studying boxing. From wrapping hands in layers of bandage for protection, to the padded gloves, Wang took this concept and ran with it in this knockout collection. Starting from the ankle warmers and running to the head-enveloping stocking caps, he didn’t miss an opportunity to cover, layer and add texture. The great coats were, well, great, as were the fur mittens/boxing gloves that extended to above the elbow.

Boxing!  Violence, Fighting.  Edgy.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/fashion/armor-glamour-fashion-week-article-1.1259747#ixzz2bbqM8mml


CLOSET ESSENTIALS FOR EDGY (As Recommended by those trying to define Edgy)
Okay this is what "experts" say you need to get the edgy look.  They recommend dangerous pieces like studs, metal bits sticking out of your clothes like more and blatant zippers, clothing that looks like you've been dragged across the road after falling from a motorbike like distressed jeans, or clothing for the bike itself like biker jackets.  I'm sure that you can do better.. but it's a good list of what to invest in if you want an edgy style.

Volume hair (rocker hair like classic Avril Lavigne)

Black eyeliner (this will make your eyes look smaller and is dangerous for the narrow eyed  look that is popular with SL models)

Edgy Patterns and Pieces

Leather Jackets (especially biker jackets)
Little Black Dress (not edgy by itself but a lot of edgy styles involve layering over or under the LBD)

Non-blue Jeans
Distressed Jeans
Ripped Jeans
Leggings and Tights

Footwear with Edgy Patterns or Pieces (eg.  like Michael Kors zip wedge)

Feminine + edgy items

Want a quick edgy styling?  Try these:

Easy Edgy #1
1. Take one (1) main item that is edgy
2. Dress around it with non-edgy, even feminine items

Easy Edgy #2:
1. Take your conventional look
2. Swap out the nearest identical piece that has an edgy accent (good idea to keep the 1 main edgy item approach)

Easy Edgy Sample Stylings

  • Biker Jacket + Feminine Soft Dress + Feminine  Heels
  • Studded Bracelet (edgy) + little black dress
  • Studded Bracelet (edgy) + casual outfit
  • Zippered wedges + subtle clothing
  • Wear Everything with (Edgy) Boots

Glamour Magazine Recommendations

  • Wear a bold coat on top of black jeans and a tee.
  • Little black dress +  black turtleneck underneath + ankle boots + badass jewelry
  • Wear a tuxedo blazer + a tangle of chains (nothing or something thin under the blazer)
  • Fierce heels + skinny jeans + bright red lipstick

Comment:  you'll find things like spiked sweaters (see easy edgy #2), and spikey bangles


Overdoing things
Too much "edge" and it's not so fashionable and we fall into the trap of either looking like we tried too hard.

Fashion Edgy is Not Wacky
Fashion Edgy can be avant garde but not Fashion Wacky.  A lot of the SL model schools will teach wacky but try to pass it as edgy which I don't like.

TIPS (source: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2011/aug/07/style-clinic-edgy-wacky-look)

To have an "edge" takes an eye for detail. Focus on your avant-garde designers who experiment with fabric and cut, and then find one who works for you. Create your personal style by finding an up-and-coming jewellery designer for investment pieces, and look at hair and make-up trends. To have the edge, you need to be ahead of the fashion pack – leave "wacky" at the art college door. JO JONES, FASHION EDITOR

"Wacky" means an overload of colour, print or accessories; "edgy" is far more chic and requires confidence. Edgy dressers experiment with trends but manage to avoid the fashion victim look – they go for minimal, experimental designers like Olivier Theyskens, Helmut Lang or Rick Owens. Finally, get an edgy dressing muse to channel! The aim is more Olsen twin and less Su Pollard. HELEN SEAMONS, DEPUTY FASHION EDITOR

I think the difference between "edgy" and "wacky" is palette and shape. It's really important to keep an eye on your palette and create the edge by wearing something with subtly interesting cuts or shapes, such as asymmetry or draping, rather than going for all-out colour or pattern and looking mad! Layering is also a great technique, but again don't overdo it. "Edgy" comes from wearing your clothes well and mixing key pieces with basics. Helmut Lang, Maison Martin Margiela, Acne, Rick Owens and Alexander Wang are my favourites for simple, modern pieces that have a subtle edge. BRIX SMITH-START, TV PRESENTER AND CO-OWNER OF START-LONDON.COM

Twitter tip: Don't clash patterns; wear a lot of black. @SOPHWILKINSON