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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Hipster Style

I put this post here first, http://tiffanifashionbeauty.blogspot.ca/2013/05/hipster-style.html.  Just because I made it and want to populate it..

Let's start June with something fun.  The very popular Hipster style.

Natalie Portman - celebrity Hipster

What is a Hipster?
* Sub-culture
* Young people (typically 20s or 30s)
* People that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence and witty banter

Hipsters try to be an avant garde culture who pioneer and lead cultural trend and ideas.  For example the Indie music they like will be the pop music of tomorrow after people catch on to what "real" music is.  (See Mumford & Sons for an example of the rising hipster culture).

Hipster Fashion

Hipsters were easy to spot in 2004.  They were those thin 20-something well-to-do children wearing a fedora, converse sneakers, green fake ray-bans, plaid shirts.

Now those are commonplace and the Hipsters were forced to find the next cool fashion statements because the sheep-like masses adopted their old styles (now that's avant garde more than the McQueen, Galliano, or Jean Charles de Castelbajac rip-offs).

"..the goal of the hipster is to display an authentic persona to the world. Their entire style and all their mannerisms should reflect some unique inner core of their personality, the bit of them which makes them the special little snowflake they truly are. In practice it just means that a good hipster should always be adopting new fashions just-before they are popular and dropping them just after they are actually popular..."  

"The goal is to be permanently avant-garde. A hipster has to always be ahead of the curve, they can never be fashionable by, well, just being fashionable! So this also means there is a permanent pressure to make it very clear that you are not doing what the herd are doing."

- From An Introduction to Hipsterdom http://lastpositivist.blogspot.ca/2013/05/a-post-so-uncool-it-is-cool.html

Hipster Stereotype

Knowing this, let's look at the Hipster Stereotype.  Or how to pretend you're Hipster to the Non-Hipster audience.

  • Vintage Hat.  For men especially, wear something that looks like you stole it from a senior citizen or Thrift shop.
  • Knit Caps.
  • Trucker Hats.

Hipsters love ironic eyewear such as shuttershades, oversized plastic framed glasses, Buddy Holly glasses, nerd glasses, and — for those who can afford it — authentic Ray Ban Wayfarers of all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Horned rimmed glasses, preferably thick and black.  
  • Shuttershades
  • Oversized Plastic Frames
  • Buddy Holly glasses
  • Nerd glasses
  • Ray Ban Wayfarers of all colours

Some Hipsters wear glasses even if they have perfect vision.  So you can pop out the lenses of some Hipster frames.

In Second Life, find an editable pair of funky glasses.  Edit > Edit Linked Part and click on the lenses.  Then either:
  • Click the Texture tab and set the transparency to 100%; 
  • Replace the texture with a transparent texture;
  • Unlink the lenses and then delete the prims from the glasses.

original glasses

edit glasses
set lenses (and nose and moustache) to 100% transparent

Resulting Pseudo-Hipster glasses

ctrl+alt+T to see that they are still there, just transparent

  • Crazy thick beards or weirdly styled mustaches, 
  • Hairy girl legs and armpits (..ew)
  • Bed Head -- messy hair
  • Tiny Pigtails (short hair with tiny pigtails)
  • Bangs
  • Natural Hair -- it should not look overly fussed over.  So lots of the "couture" hair are un-hipster.
check this page for pseudo-hipster hairstyles:


  • Messy shag
  • Retro dos
  • Spiky Pixies
  • Mohawks
  • Twisted Pullback

Twisted Pullback - a hipster style
You can get hairstyles like that all over SL.  Here I am wearing the Cecilia hairstyle from Truth


  • Old nostalgic pop-culture t-shirts
  • Tshirts with your favourite band name, cool artistic pictures, or just plain ironic sayings
  • Vintage anything
  • Plaid, flannel shirts
  • Cowboy shirts
  • Chucks and skinny hoodies
  • Oversized sweaters of any pattern, anything. 
  • Cardigan sweaters but also oversized
  • Skinny jeans (the tighter the jeans, the better)
    • Own many different skinny jeans as you can, in colours like dark blue, black, and grey. 
  • Leggings
  • Coloured tights
  • A pair of corduroys also is great for the Indie/Hipster look. 
  • Skirts wear high waisted skirts on the shorter side. 
  • Shorts also high waisted on the shorter side.

  • Indie footwear
  • Almost any shoes (ideally slip ons, or lace ups)
  • Boat shoes
  • Moccasins
  • Colourful Flats
  • Equastrian styled boots
  • Converse (high or low top) -- meh.. this is too popular to be truly Hipster these days
  • Colourful Heels
  • Tattoos
  • Body Piercings
  • Long dangly earrings
  • Bracelets with a cool watch
  • Scarf around neck
  • Rings and lots of them
  • Apple (Mac, iPad, iPod etc) products
  • Messenger or courier bags
  • Jewelry. Homemade, naturalistic
  • Pea Coat (favourite) preferably double breasted versus single
  • Vintage Jackets
  • Sweatshirts with something ironic on them
  • Hoodie

Hipster Chic

Hipster Approach to Fashion

Knowing the stereotype, a hipster should now break that image.  

Hipsters, to non-hipsters, are arrogant without warrant (they aren't that rich, and not that cool), passionate for obscure music, have an obstuse fashion sense, and masquerade quirkiness, or upper middle class with self-loathing)

Most of their culture is a judgemental one.  Everything is judged and if someone else is less savvy, cutting edge or knowledgeable than you, they are worthy of mockery and disdain.”
  • Reinvent: Change your image to something that is totally unique and totally you. Being an indie kid or a hipster means that you are openly quirky and you don't care what others think.
  • Change your clothes style: Indie kids always have that "I really don't care" look, but they actually do put thought into their clothes.

Until next time!