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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hip Hop Dance

December 2011 I wrote a blog post on Hip-Hop.  Here http://tiffanicelestalis.blogspot.ca/2011/12/what-hip-hop-is.html.  This was around the time of our first Dancing with the Stars competition.  Fast forward now to 2013 and CWS is approaching it's third Dance competition.  We love to dance and as an executive trainer at CWS we would often be called on to put on dance numbers for events we had.  The thing is we are usually given only a couple of days to choreograph a full dance routine.

Yippee!  I'm a delinquent!
To celebrate the 5th anniversary of CWS, I was asked to put together a hip hop dance routine for the celebratory video.  Again with only a few days to prepare.  Yikes!  So A&M to the rescue.  I went to my sometime's crew's store and grabbed a few of their dances to put together my routine.  Then it was a matter of picking a song.

Above a couple of shots from the last A&M Show I was in as part of the Maniacs dance team (Oceana  March 14th 2013)
The thing about songs is the wide range of tastes at CWS.  There aren't really that many models who recognize today's Hip-Hop artists and have the old school mentality.  So I went back to the roots.  First I thought Run DMC's walk this way until someone took that song for his dance number in CWS' dance competition.  So I went back more to one of, if not the, most influential hip-hop songs ever: Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight (hear it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKTUAESacQM).

With song chosen, I picked an outfit from Nytro (awesome urban looks there), whipped up a quick set and then spent hours to choreograph the dance routine.

I used the resulting dance for shows twice now, once for the CWS magazine video, and once for the February Model Graduation ceremony.

Now that I'm a retired model, I decided to look at videography.  I chose to video record my hip-hop dance because lag drift affected the dance the last time I did it.

So here it is.. also my first ever SL video.  Will improve my videography technique (I know the picture quality is not great and I know how to improve that but I got excited and wanted to post :)).

And here's the Choreography Card for my dance.  Get the dances at A&M MoCap. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mocap%20Dancer/128/128/506

Speaking of which I'll be in the upcoming A&M homeshow on the 30th at 9pm and again next month and we dance at Oceana's (Maniacs Oceana Show Thursday, April 18th at 4pm).

# Dance to Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight

# wait for the DJ to start the song, grooving in the chillgroove dance until the thumpy part of the song starts
# that's around the 16 second mark of my video


# then click Cirque de Funque to initate the dance sequence

*02_Cirque de Funque|23.3
*Trip me Up|23.3
*Skate Roll|19.3
*01_LA Street|29.7
*02_LA Street|29.7
*Snake Dream|21.1

or as a single line:

# wait for the DJ to start the song, grooving in the chillgroove dance until the thumpy part of the song starts
# that's around the 16 second mark of my video


# then click the Macro RDELIGHT to initate the dance sequence

[NAME]RDELIGHT|*02_Cirque de Funque|23.3|*02_Krump|10.0|*04_C-Walk|18.0|*Trip me Up|23.3|*Skate Roll|19.3|*Scarecrow|22.2|*Showdown|23.9|*01_LA Street|29.7|*02_LA Street|29.7|*Snake Dream|21.1|*ChillGroove|24.8|[REPEAT]

Rapper's Delight is 111.5 BPM. So the dances should go well with most songs in that range. Hope you like it.

I'll close out this post with my fav. B-Boy performance on YouTube

Until next time!