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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Casual Chic

Lots of SL models seem to fall into a narrow niche of fashion.  They go for the extreme looks that surely catch your attention.  But how about the It Girls of the virtual world in the casual chic look?

See the article "Chanel's casual chic vs. Givenchy's extreme art" for a real world parallel to what I'm talking about: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700104065/Chanels-casual-chic-vs-Givenchys-extreme-art.html

".. embracing the mixed-up, casual-chic styles of today's trendsetting It Girls — while Givenchy sent out what can only be described as extreme haute couture — breathtaking, Baroque garments that crossed the divide between clothes and art."

Casual chic is a mix a dressy element with something completely informal.

See this blog for examples:

Ruffles and Layers


1. Make It Look Effortless
Make it look as though you wake up every morning looking chic and beautiful.
Use a few classic staples from your inventory and a few statement pieces.

For example:
The basics:
- jeans
- cute feminine blouses
- fashionable purses and handbags
- simple shoes like wedges or ballet flats

Dressier pieces:
- knitted dresses
- wedges
- oversized quilted bags

Personality pieces:
- fun jewellery
- cute shoes
- hair clips
- silk scarves (also head scarves)
- shawls
- accent pieces
- belts -- simple but fun

2. Mix and Match
Avoid wearing one style head to toe.  This is very common amongst SL people, they wear full outfits out of the box.
Create an outfit with contrasting pieces that keeps you from looking like you bought your outfit right off the mannequin.
Mix and match different textures and styles.

3. Splurge on Classic Pieces
Every inventory should have some basic pieces of HIGH QUALITY.  Although I'm an advocate of cheapies, dollarbies and other freebies the quality often matches the price.  To me that's ok since you can offset that with those staples and statement pieces.  But for the classic pieces get the best quality one you can afford.  You will wear them often and it'll be worth the extra price.

Pieces include:
- jeans
- little black dress
- jackets
(our designers have some amazing pieces so be sure to click the CWS shows link above and hit the shopping tab)

Buy the classics, avoid the trends.  Skull shaped shoes are cool but you will unlikely be throwing those too often into your mix and match choices.

4.  Look Comfortable
Casual chic is a lifestyle.  You are showing that you don't have to be "done up" and "designered out" to look fashionable and stylish.
Your look should look comfortable.
example: flats worn for comfort over heels.  A fuller skirt that lets you be more mobile than a pencil skirt.

Remember your Hair and Makeup:
Look comfortable, for example: create a loose ponytail and use a small silk scarf or handkerchief to tie around your pony.  According to Hollywood stylists "This look is the epitome of casual chic; sexy and classic and any woman can wear it,”   

You don’t have to have perfectly done hair.   Pulling your hair back is an equally chic option. A classic ponytail, a topknot, a ballerina bun; as you can see there are many options.

Try using a MINIMAL amount of makeup especially eye makeup, and if you insist on some dramatic looks use a dramatic lip color like a bright red or burgundy -- don't overdo this.

In terms of makeup, all you need is a flawless, basic skins, and some eye cosmetics.

5.  Personal Touches
I criticize many SL models for not finding their personal style.
Every season has its trends like skinny jeans, 20s flapper styles (apparently will be in vogue yet again this 2013), animal prints, menswear
Trends are ok to an extent but have a personal style.
Find out what looks great on you and wear it whether it's trendy or not (within reason).

6.  Accessories Simple
Again you want to look as though you didn't try to hard (if you were a real person)
Remove one piece of jewellery before going public
Do NOT wear your whole jewellery collection.
Remember the simplest and perhaps smartest accessory of all time -- sunglasses.

Again for many ideas check out:

Here though are five simple combinations to get your creativity started:

1 Spring/Summer Look:
Top: Silk blouse
Pants: Dark, tailored jeans
Shoes: Embellished sandals.
Jeans are universally known for being a staple of casual dress,
but darker-hued fitted jeans have a classier look.
A silk blouse and sandals will make this into your perfect spring or summer outfit.

2 Shopping/Runway Look:
Top: A bold-colored tank top
Pants: White capri pants
Shoes: Cork wedges.
The cork wedges and capri pants provide comfort,
while the bright-colored top adds a sense of style.
This is a casual-chic outfit that is comfortable enough to go shopping in,
but that still looks fairly sophisticated, even runway-worthy.

3 Everyday:
Top: Light-colored blouse
Pants: Tailored khaki, twill or linen slacks.
Shoes: Closed-toe heels
Khaki, twill and linen are generally considered casual fabric,
but as long as they have a fitted look, they are the perfect pants for a casual-chic outfit.
Pair them with a delicate, flowing blouse and closed-toe heels,
and you'll have achieved the perfect combination of comfortable and stylish.

4 Winter/Fall Look:
Jacket (optional): Black peacoat
Top: Red turtleneck sweater
Pants: Skinny black jeans
Shoes: Flat boots.
Black and white jeans are able to take any outfit from simply casual to casual chic.
Add a fitted sweater and a few simple accessories (like flat boots, a black leather belt and hoop earrings)
and your look is complete. For cold winter months, simply put on a black peacoat.

5 Lunch Outing at the Beach Look:
Outfit: A patterned cotton dress
Shoes: Simple sandals.
Accessories: Sunglasses and chunky jewelry.
A dress may seem like a formal option,
but a dress made of cotton automatically gives off a much more casual vibe.
A patterned cotton dress is at once casual and chic--
the perfect outfit for a lunch outing at the beach.


  • Coco Chanel
  • Cameron Diaz