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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dancing with the A&M Mocap Maniacs

One of my favourite places to get dances is A&M.  They have really fluid animations especially in uncommon routines like Gangnam, Irish Dancing, J-Pop.  And they give away group dance gifts which is awesome.


I guess those who know me know I love SL dancing.  As CWS knows from our big prize and money giveaway Dancing with the SL Stars events (#3 coming up next) and pageants it is a lot a lot a lot of work to get a single set down.  Dance choreography, stage production, costume and music all have to come together.

So when the call for volunteers to be in the A&M Mocap Maniac dance group for a show today came out, I had to volunteer.  It's nice to do something other than fashion and runways every so often.

We practised a bit last night and met at 830-9ish pm tonight to do the show at Burn2.


Under the choreography of Ms. Bonnie Westminster I danced in the third set of a four set series.  Dancing hip-hop styled.  Ms Jariah Yuhara, the owner of A&M danced with us and managed the show.  She's a very nice person.

The sets were big and flat.  Very nicely put together on par with the quality our models rez during the talent part of our pageants.  The maniacs waddled (all AOs off) side stage to warm up (cache) our animations.  And since there's not much to do except lag control, I applied basic runway show techniques and the lag was pretty easy-peasy to manage.

Then when it was our turn we danced on Bonnie's Barre.  We rocked!  It was fun.

Here are some snapshots I took after the set was done:

Me dancing with the audience

Dancing in the audience still

Jaida took more pictures of the event, available on her flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29061936@N08/sets/72157631869004034/

It was a great experience.  Thanks to Jariah for inviting me to join in the show.