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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tchaikovsky Gala Review

With the memories of watching the Bolshoi live, and myself in a mini-ballet obsession I decided to write a bit about a delightful Blu-Ray production from 2007 called Tchaikovsky Gala (see more of this here  http://www.belairclassiques.com/blog/danse/gala-tchaikovsky-a-la-scala-bd/ ).

It is a beautiful show with lavish production value.  Featuring excerpts from Swan Lake (my favourite ballet), The Sleeping Beauty, and Nutcracker.

Swan Lake
Odette/Odie ... Polina Semionova
Prince Siegfried ... Roberto Bolle
Jester ... Maurizio Licitra
Rothbart ... Gianni Ghisleni

The Sleeping Beauty
Princess Aurora ... Marta Romagna
The Bluebird ... Antonino Sutera
Florine ... Daniela Cavalleri

Marie ... Nadja Saidakova
Nutcracker ... Ronald Savkovic

Conductor ... David Coleman

Again I say for any performance and music based production, get the Blu-Ray if you can.  The 1920x1080p HD really brings out the colours, the sweat beads and caked on makeup of the dancers and the Master Audio quality brings out the sounds of the orchestra.

The show was amazing and I recommend it for any affectionato of the dance arts or ballet.  My favorite dancer is currently Ms. Polina Semionova and she did not disappoint me.

Spectacle 5/5
It was visually gorgeous.  The elaborate costumes and stunning sets made for a beautiful show.

Music 4/5
Good pacing for the ballet.  The music did not rush the dancers around and was cognisant of the difficult dance routines.  It didn't sweep me but I'm a picky music person.  If someone can find an easily legitimate copy of  the 1969 Rozhdestvensky/USSR State RSO recording of Swan Lake (http://boxset.ru/rozhdestvensky-tchaikovsky-swan-lake-2-cd-ape/) please let me know where I can purchase it.  My old professor has one but he's annoying.

Theme 4.5/5
I thought it was a good take on  Tchaikovsky.  Prince Siegfried and the Swan Lake theme holding together the mish-mash of performances.  The period was fairy tale enough to bind the three different pieces together.
Perhaps the HD portion of Sleeping Beauty shook me out of the fantasy though.  Ms. Marta Romagna seemed to put on a technical exhibition as opposed to an artistic dance for a few minutes.  And you could see the laboured expression on her face in High Definition.

Dance 5/5
Wow.  All the dancers BravO and BravA!  Polina did not disappoint me and I thought hers was the best performance.  Her dances were so fluid with exquisite lines and actual acting.  And her partner Mr. Roberto Bolle was majestic and powerful.  He is quite a handsome dancer to behold.