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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Loving Memory of Camelot Draconia

Tiffany1 wrote her piece on Camelot which I copied to the blog page here.

Yesterday my old "boss" Camelot Draconia passed away, succumbing to cancer.  I have lost so many loved ones to cancer.

The moment Tiffany1 introduced me as her close friend, Camelot would always treat me as family.  He showed me around his empire - his castle, his stable of horses, his photo studio, his club, his friend and acquaintances, his family of monsters.  He was always giving.

When I needed space to run a fashion show or entertain some models he gave it to me.  When I needed a photo studio he let me use his.  I didn't give much in return, just the occasional help Tiffany1 out with whatever she was doing -- like the club, wedding, some proof reading or editing.  He gave me a home on his land for free (I have/had multiple homes).

My fondest Camelot memories happened a long time ago.  He brought me on a tour of sights in Second Life.  We went to old Paris, shared a carriage ride, visited the Eiffel tower (from which I sky dived and he did too) and rummaged through the book store.  The other day he showed me a place of meditation.  To this day I am trying to find it again.

He gave me two  red particle effect hands to do tai chi with.  He said it was cool.  He always loved those special effects.  I remember at his stable I wore flashy rave lights that, for once, distracted him from fawning over his horses.  He said they were cool.  I made a necklace of HoD yesterday to which I wrote a simple script.  It is something small that he'd probably have thought amusing.

I think back and I am very sad.  It gets more sad as the reality sinks in.  This is despite the fact that I protect myself very well on-line.  I maintain, on purpose, a thick layer of abstraction between the un-reality of SL.  I have a thick wall between RL and SL that I let no one break down so that when I leave the virtual world, everything gets left behind and none of it clings to and seeps into my RL.

But when you think back you realize how  SL memories you  share.  Unlike many I know, the use of the term family really meant something to Camelot.  He was loyal and found happiness in the happiness of his family members, even to his own detriment.  It wasn't just lip service that many tend to do.

Good bye Camelot.

In Loving Memory of Camelot Draconia