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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As a young manager I've had to take a few of those courses where they basically tell you to be a good person.  So that includes things like harassment prevention, creating a respectable worksplace and one that I think is very overlooked, discrimination.

What is Discrimination?  Basically it is treating people differently, negatively or just being annoying to them because of their race, age, religion, sexual orientation, level of intelligence etc.

The official lawful application is  "making a distinction between certain individuals or groups based on a prohibited ground of discrimination".

Really it's just looking down on someone because they're different than you.  It's seems so obvious and stupid to me that I am always surprised by it when I encounter it.  Especially in a place like Second Life where people go to to essentially be who they cannot be in real life.

Perhaps it is a deficiency in learning, upbringing or culture that some discriminate in this day and age.  I think it is insecurity whereby one person needs to put down another in order to feel more secure in herself.

As a person you have to stop discrimination, and for sure not practice or promote it yourself.  A good hostess is supposed to make the attendants feel comfortable and content.  A good manager is supposed to provide an example the workers follow.  I might not like the colour maroon, but I won't belittle someone for wearing it.  Is that person supposed to change just for me?  Of course not, that's absurd.  Am I letting others know how discontent I am so they will think more highly of me, or follow me in discriminating the other?  No of course not.

I used to be very close to a person who practised alternate religions (A Discordian) and taught me some of his beliefs and practices.  Much of his attitude I admired and adopted.  One thing I respect is the Wiccan rede (I'm not a Wiccan btw):

These Eight words the Rede fulfill: 
"An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will" 

If someone is homosexual, who cares?  Who does it harm?  If someone is into fetishes, who cares?  It's between consenting adults and doesn't go beyond their little bit of fun.  If someone is a different skin colour than you, what does it matter?  

To put it bluntly, "What's it to you?  Grow up".  Don't discriminate.

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