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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Farewell my Student

(Re-posted from the weekend)

I was horrified to learn that one of my students passed away today from illness that I did not know of.

It was announce today that Shyt3mptrist passed away.

I have been so busy, but now that I've had a moment to breathe I've come to realize how much each student, each avatar that passes through CWS means to me.

I'm deeply saddened to learn that I will not hear from her again.

Here is her short biography written when she was still under my mentorship:

Shyt3mptrist rezzed into sl on July 27,2011 without a clue in the world what she was getting into

After recieveing a model application from anrol a few weeks after longing into sl, it has for ever became a dream to model and learn as much as she could to become number one.

Shyt3mptrist has won 3 styling competition, was chosing to be in 3 model videos. Was named top 10 finalist in the name your gown. Won 10 poses named after her and number 2 on the ms beautiful voting board.

Shyt3mptrist goals are not yet met she wish to become a trainer and teach others and win pageants. she wish to be number 1.

I will miss you.  My prayers to your family.  Find peace on your runway in heaven.