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Monday, May 23, 2011

Just because I haven't Blogged in a while

Happy Victoria Day!

What is Victoria Day (Fête de la Reine)? From the wiki: Victoria Day is a federal Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the last Monday on or before May 24, in honour of both Queen Victoria's birthday and the current reigning Canadian sovereign's official birthday. It is sometimes informally considered as marking the beginning of the summer season in Canada.

I know I said I would use May to get back into modeling, but I've been discouraged lately finding the silliness in the whole virtual modeling industry. I haven't been complacent though, quite the opposite as I've been getting a team together with big plans. Whether or not I can see the plans through is not a question - I can. The problem will be my vanity because I like things high quality and if I see that I cannot pull that off then I might give in to apathy.

Vanity is a common thing amongst virtual models I find. There are hurt egos, bickering and arrogance that is increasingly prevalent amongst the models and new models. I blame a majority of that to the way the industry is run with the competitions and lopsided politics. It's similar in real life too (though not really) but the real life industry is more constrained by opinion and product success in the public.

In second life a model can succeed by being entirely niched. I have encountered a few "models" who do not have any modeling skills including how to walk a line, how to work a pose hud, or even how to pose. Yet they have a sense of fame because they are promoted within their niche of designers and agency. Go outside that niche and they lose any recognition. These niches do not promote externally and often do not even promote within their own niche.  There are supposedly top SL models but I always ask and no one can name one super model name.  Contrast this to super models in the real world that are household names.

In the real world models successes are based on sales of fashion to the world at large. The populace at large drives the sales because a handful of persons cannot sustain a niche internally. Therefore the models are driven by the larger public audience. A poor model cannot succeed because the populace would not allow it and a company's marketing would suffer. The model is the face of a company.


Penelope Cruz for Lancome's Tresor

Adriana Lima for Victoria Secret

Sasha Pivovarova (old fav) for Biotherm

Kate Bock for Suzy Shier -- ok she's not so famous yet but I want to promote her.

Anyhow I'll end this train of thought.

Here's an interesting link to an interview of the above model (Kate Bock) when she started her career (http://www.jewishindependent.ca/archives/Jan07/archives07Jan19-02.html).  It puts the modeling career in perspective.

Quotes from the article:

"Like many careers, there's a sacrifice stage before you get to the payoff stage and working really hard for not a lot of money and not knowing when the break is going to come, or if the break is going to come, is very stressful. But you have to have faith – and a supportive agency."

"Modelling is certainly a word and a career that comes with a lot of assumptions," she said, "and people tend not to ask, they just go with their assumptions, whatever they may be."

"People assume that models are bitches – it's not a good thing. People don't assume I am a nice person at all when they know what I do."

 "I feel they assume that because I've gone to Paris or because I've done this one job, it means that I'm some celebrity with all this money and I can do whatever I want, but you have to work really hard to get to a point where you have money ... I can't just do whatever I want and snap my fingers and things will come to me. It's not like that." 

In the meanwhile, aside from modeling related things, I've also been working on my scripts.  I've created a notecard configurable pose HUD which a few friends have tested, some even use.  Once I add the dance invite capability in it, I might clean up the UI and replace my Huddle with it.  It'll be much cleaner -- the Huddles use some calls that I suspect explain why it's slow response in some conditions.  Also I might write an encryption algorithm too for use in some messaging -- like a rotational cipher, ROT-n type.  So much I want to do..

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