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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ms Elegance

Tonight we took a bit of a break from modeling, and delved into a bit of pageantry.  Pageants are ceremonies, beauty contests.  Modeling is advertisement -- a business.  Pageants you try to make people like you and vote for you.  In Modeling you try to make people like what you are wearing and sell a product.  Pageants are competitions while modeling is, while it can be competitive, about teamwork.  I like modeling.. I don't like contests so much (as anyone can tell you).  I like modeling, I like teamwork and helping others, I don't like competing with family. For that reason I limit what contests I enter (example I have not done any of the Sachi studio contests, and I've been out of all the CWS contests since February but that's because March and April are the busiest times of the year for me).

(An interesting discussion models vs pageant girls)

That said, although I admit to being super competitive, I wish well to my CWS family and was rooting for all to win the Ms. Elegance pageant tonight.  The judges were our CWS managers.  Which must be hard for them to choose who to pick since they have seen all of us develop.  I would rather a third party with no vested potential conflict of interest be chosen to judge.

Tonight was a tribute to Lady Diana.  The DJ who was also supposed to announce, didn't make it so Anrol had to find a DJ last minute.  I sent the call out and had a few DJ friends try to contact her.  But she had already made her decision.

I won't say much about the contest.  I enjoyed watching it with Mesange and I filled her IMs with my chat and critiques. I would have judged it a bit differently though -- I was picky about things like what dances they chose (far east movement is like electro hip-hop so dances should match the style, elegance is different than glamour etc (see my old blog about that)).  Still I was happy with the outcomes.  Though with Mesange as my witness I guessed the winners (all of them) before the pageant even started.  Lol.

Winner: Photogenic -- Nickle

Winner: Creative -- Pink

Winner Ms. Elegance 2011 -- Meimei

Top 3 finalists (all of the above):
Various snapshots throughout the night. 

Sidney, Vicky and Lady dancing (our entertainment while the pageant people are changing)
 Me sitting there *hello*

 The back of Pink -- facing the imposing judges (they look like they're sitting on thrones lol)

Entertainment -- Essence rocking

That's it for tonight.  Karaoke happening at Haven of Darkness.  My netbook needs to take a break though (though it's really cold to the touch because of my super powerful cooling fans <3)

Music for tonight. They were playing the original far east movement version of this song for each contestant tonight:

Night night. xoxo