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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fashion Show VictoriaV

Fun day today.  The VictoriaV fashion show.

It was a smooth practice.  The models were mostly experienced, with only one new model to the show.  But then came the time of the show and a literal wave of lag hit us all.  People had totally high ARCs on and kept TPing until the sim was beyond full.  Even Anrol crashed.

So I did my usual lag control.  I tried a few different techniques.  The best thing is that it made the lag manageable.  The bad thing is that the models were featureless gray people.  The audience was non-existent to me.

Backstage with the models:

What I see of the audience:

Afterwards was dancing.  My friend Mistic is to the left.  She's actively involved in the fight against cancer for which I had a small contribution as staff with HoD.

That's it for now.

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