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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CWS Styling Creative Ghetto

Last night's styling was in Creative Ghetto. A difficult and interesting styling because, really, a ghetto has multiple meanings. It's traditionally a throwback to the holocaust but has evolved to mean several things.

I chose to style ghetto as a tribute to the inner city -- the birthplace of hip-hop. Since this was about styling I thought of what style, what culture comes from the inner city. This includes graffit, block parties and of course language (which I dared not capture last night).

Here are images that are in my mind's eye:

Also influenced by this site: http://stuffghettopeoplelike.wordpress.com/

Here are images from the styling:

Below was Sidney's.  Her styling was awesome!

 In the end we placed:

Tiffani Celestalis:

2nd: sidney abbot:

3rd: Jinx (aislin.jinx)

Good job to all. 


Bye for now. xoxo