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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CWS Creative Masks

Creative masks was tonight's theme.  Every model did well, though I had everyone muted so all I saw were their avatar imposters (gray featureless people).  I dedicated mine to the Phantom of the Opera.  Eric's mask is so pervasive that is the first thing I now think of when I hear mask.  And he also outdoes everyone in his styling during the formal masquerade.  I chose it for a couple of reasons 1. No time.  I did everything literally within 5 minutes.  2.  I already had part of the outfit (Christine Daae gown).

Well didn't win.  Here are the results:

1st:S3xyt3mptation hazelnut
2nd:Buterfly Freidman (buterfly)
3rd:Clysa Dragoon1st:S3xyt3mptation hazelnut
2nd:Buterfly Freidman (buterfly)
3rd:Clysa Dragoone

Oops just noticed it was creative masquerad with mask on.  I misinterpreted the styling.  Lol.

That's it for now.

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