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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Agee's Church Revival

I assumed another new role. Public Relations officer for Ms. Agee Canto. Agee is looking to hold a church revival, like an affirmation of faith for her church. She's very devout, much like other models at CWS.

Hopefully on 20 June 2011, we'll have this revival. I'm hunting for models and other participants to do a small formation for the event. I'll schedule regular practices soon. Agee's going to give out small payments. It's good for any model's career portfolio anyways.

Anyways, another new tick to my checklist of Second Life experiences.

Meanwhile, since Haven of Darkness seems to be back on track with their scheduling and promotions and don't really contact me anymore, I have the chance to do other things I always wanted to do. I'm getting a feel for the SL script. The API is really simple actually. Also I've managed to create a few articles of clothing -- nothing market worthy yet.

Also, as I said, real life March and April are the busiest times of the real life work year for me. So.. with April coming to and end, next month I hope to work on my modeling career in SL. I've already missed most of March and April opportunities (likely miss this month's magazine stuff too) but that's okay.

I joined modeling because I wanted to optimize my avatar's appearance. To have total control over my avatar. I think I have most of that now. The rest is easy, it comes with how much money I want to sink into it.

Also, I'm changing the look of my blog, exploring new methods. More to come for sure as I figure out how to do certain things. For now, I'll continue posting my Second Life observations and experiences.

Post again very soon.

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