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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CWS Tattoo

K tonight's styling was CWS Creative Tattoo.  Doing my usual last minute job I decided to go with the queen of tatto models Kat Von D.

I remember visiting a music store when I was young and seeing her poster.  She was somehow inspiring to me.  Funny?  I never had the nerve to get a tattoo though.  But since I'm a bit of a loud music fan, Kat Von D seemed really cool.

So I did a search for Kat Von D. and found a nice tattoo that mimics her style.  Since I was in the market for tattoos anyways I picked it up and a cheap revealing outfit that would show off the tattoos.

I like to keep my descriptions short.  I know there are some who like to read novels, but my real life work includes taking really complicated information and summarizing it in small paragraphs for upper management types to understand.  Really I can go on forever, but I got in trouble for doing that once.

Anyways fast forward.. I had other obligations tonight.  To go to a bachelorette party for my SL BFF.  My goodness I put CWS stylings before that.  Anyways I didn't win.  The colorful tattoo won.

I'm not in a cheerful mood right now.  Not because of the styling results because I love CWS and I really am happy that everyone gets their chance in the spotlight.  But because of SL drama that I try to avoid but it happens to my friends.

So much is happening so fast lately.  I am getting dizzy..

Easy song, you can guess if you follow metal at all (song inspired by Kat Von D):

Good night!  xoxo