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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CWS Styling Cop

Tonight I came home from a very very very very hard day of work where essentially I was putting out contractual fires and earning the ire of my boss on those I could not put out. I'm not afraid of that though, which is perhaps a flaw in my character.

Anyways it was a hard hard day in what is the busiest and most stressful time of the year for me. And it's been reflected in my SL modeling and attitude. I've talked with my most empathic friend on SL and have expressed a longing for those simple times in SL where I would just hang out at beaches, surf and party at clubs where the people really know how to have a good virtual time.

Instead I took up the challenge of modeling, and now a bit of work at Haven of Darkness. Modeling is very competitive -- after all you have to have a sense of elitism and/or vanity to pursue it. If you don't have any then you won't have that drive to try and model at shows or in magazines to the virtual world.

One aspect of modeling at CWS is that you are to participate in contests -- stylings. I don't like joining contests. I had a policy to never join contests at clubs. Why? Not because I'm afraid of competition but because 1. I know they have bias where people vote for friends or out of political motives 2. I have the sin of pride, of vanity and would rather avoid it.

Unfortunately we have to participate them. They are good practice. I've been lax in my efforts, I've mentioned this before, but I think not because I'm lazy but I think because I don't want to overly disappoint when I lose.

Today's styling was Creative Police Officer. I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be creative because the easy way was to wear a sexy, generic outfit. So I thought mounties -- since I'm Canadian. I know the law enforcement agencies here and one that I've already respected are the mounties. So I chose to dress up in their real world style.

Well I did the rounds. I missed a few spots though I knew I did. I experimented in the middle of the show in technique. It didn't work well and I looked not great. My huddle also didn't work so I had to cheat by transferring scripts and files from one huddle to another. That worked happily and I could use old, but better than nothing, poses.

To my surprise. I won. I didn't think I was deserving though. My CWS sisters and future sisters were all very good and deserving. Results:

Winner:Tiffani Celestalis
2nd:Nickle Sparrowtree
3rd:AEON Cristole

Thank you Meimei for judging.

Later on I hung out at HoD.  Danced a bit.  Mostly to the songs from my iPhone because, well I was in a bad mood and the songs that I like will likely cheer me up more than a selection made by another DJ.

Later on they made me join another contest.   This totally goes against my personal policy.

Even later Abaddon -- super cool guy -- gave us a magic show.  Here's an excerpt:

Well the night draws to a close for me.  Tomorrow will be equally or not worse than today was.  But on the positive side things should be settled, for better or for worse, by next week.  Hopefully I will be able to get back on track and not be so grumpy.

That's it for now.  Ta ta.

Music -- where do I belong?