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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CWS Creative Sports

I'm writing this blog as the contest is going on for CWS Creative Sports.

Lol I chose free running. Related to Parkour which my cousin does a bit of and I've tried but really it's not my lifestyle.

Yes lifestyle. Parkour is a lifestyle. Free running is a sport. When I go to the gym there is a video playing outside -- advertisement -- of people doing free running. The sprint, jump over obstacles and sweat a lot.

I think it's a beautiful sport.  Athletic and showing off determination and courage and I think it will catch on in the years ahead.  And you have a wonderfully artistic aspect because in free running, the runners can choose how they will go over obstacles -- not the most efficient way like in Parkour, but in their creative way.  It can be a flip, a spin, a pirouette.   Love it.

Contest is almost over.  That's it for now.

With Love,