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Friday, March 18, 2011

CWS Creative Formal

Tonight's styling was creative formal. A night where you know all the models are going to doll themselves up in flowing gowns, and evening wear. So I was predicting your typical Hollywood red carpet affair done on the CWS runway.

Well models are predictable. Lol. I tried a Hanbok instead figuring that was uncommon enough from your pop culture fashion. Kimonos are well known. Cheung Sams. Saris likewise etc. I wonder how much people in the west keep up with the music/pop scene from countries outside of the English speaking ones? Korean culture is very influential.

But someone said that all the contestants were creative. Like wearing their hair up instead of down. Wearing silk instead of cotton. So maybe my definition of creative is a little bit different.

Later on the CWS had their usual Friday evening party. Formal ladies night I think the theme was. For the most it was like the other parties though. One of my shoes wouldn't remove. So I had to go home and detach it. After words I just enjoyed myself.

That's it for now.