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Monday, February 14, 2011

CWS Valentine's Day

Today is St. Valentine's Day. It's a day of love and affection, where people can be overly mushy and lovey dovey with an excuse. I looovee Valentine's day and I wonder why it's not as celebrated as other holidays.

I logged on late as usual for a Monday. I actually got off work early in order to celebrate Valentine's day... a bouquet of roses, some chocolates, and a really cute plushy was my reason. Anyways that's personal and I'm not supposed to share anything personal with the Internet.

CWS today celebrated Valentine's day.  The styling was Valentine's themed.  I missed most of the show but managed to take a snapshot of the winners.  Winners here:

Winner:☆Lopez Fairlady ☆
2nd:☆Ajay Xigalia☆
3rd: ☆aislinn String☆

Good job winners.  After the styling CWS decided to hold a Valentine's day party.  I only caught the last half of the party though.

Here's me (sorry bad photos):

Here I am partying (the background made my skirt see through):
There was a contest held at the club though.  It was themed "Best in Valentine" although I also heard "Best in Red".  In any case, I try never to join contests.  I dislike the voting in contests since they are often based on who is most popular, instead of most deserving.

However this night, Ajay won the contest (see above Styling Winner 2nd).  He was deserving I thought since he was dressed both in red, and as cupid -- Valentines and Red. Congratulations Ajay.

Love song.  You can feel the song, if you feel love.

And model's view on Valentines:

Ni ni. xoxo