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Thursday, February 17, 2011

CWS Styling Prom

Well, this blog post is a day late.

Ok yesterday it was the Prom styling.  So basically nice dresses, gowns etc.. How to be creative for this?  Different corsages?  Tiaras?  Well I didn't make it in time for the contest but I did think about the styling.  Think but unable to prepare.  This is so common for me.

I thought there would be a bloody one, like the old movie with the bloody prom queen.  I never saw it but I have heard about it.  Sidney told me later that it was called Carrie.  So a quick Google search and:

That was one creative thought.  Eww.  Ok.  Next one was from the Wizards of Waverly place Disney show (I think most people know I am a fan of Disney TV) where it was a Zombie Prom:

This was the other idea I had..

Well I went to the show to watch.  Sat beside the awesome Sidney and witnessed what people styled this evening.

Lolli was the one who actually had the same thought that I had.   Woot.  During the show I had fun making predictions on who would win.  I would tell Sidney, and my prediction was that Meimei would win.  She was gorgeous in her prom dress and landed all her poses so if this were figure skating she would get high marks for artistic impression and top marks for technical.

How well did I guess?  Here's the results:

Winner: ☆meimie shui☆

2nd:☆Lolli Resident☆
3rd: ☆Gabriella Allardyce☆

Awesome!  And look who won second?

So LOPEZ, the judge did a great job in my opinion.  Choosing based on performance, and creativity.  Well done.

That's it for now.  More tonight.

Song.. um.. ok I know.  Hope I can find it on youtube..

Found it!  ok background for you poor non-Disney TV lovers.  Wizards on this show are a sub-culture and not supposed to reveal the existence of the supernatural to mortals.  That's why Selena Gomez makes up a lame excuse about an awesome costume department from a rival high school.  Kk it's not really music..

So a Selena Gomez song:

Bye for now.