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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CWS Styling Creative Cartoonist


Tonight's CWS styling was creative cartoonist.. ok well it says cartoonist. That confused me. Was I supposed to go as some illustrator?  Lynn Johnston?

Well I decided to pay homage to a cartoonist through my limited knowledge of cartoons. Jessica Rabbit was the creation of artist Gary K. Wolf who wrote the novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, depicting a world in which cartoon characters interact directly with human beings. It's was a whole world of cartoon characters, virtually every cartoonist popular at the time.  Well I did a rush job preparing in 15 minutes as usual.  It was fun.  I used non-mandatory poses stuffed in old HUDs, though they kind of look similar to some we use.  Wonder if people know that?

Anyways I didn't win. Sidney won 3rd which I am very happy about. And Ajay and Meimei won again. Ajay went as Superman (without the spit curl). Ajay's done very well winning twice yesterday (styling and the dance party for the same costume) and again tonight, and of course he DJs on Fridays so he's making good money at CWS. Well done Ajay.  Similarly Meimei always does well.  Though admittedly I didn't know who she was until her very last pose.  That's the influence of the jazz world on Betty Boop I think, and vice-versa.  The look and mannerisms kind of blend.  Awesome job to the winners!

Here are the winners:

Winner:☆Meimei Shiu☆ (middle)
2nd:☆Ajay Xigalia☆ (left)
3rd: ☆Sidney Abbot☆ (right)

Sidney's so awesome.  Look at the picture and tell me who looks like a cartoon!  Lol.

That's it for now.

Music.. hm oh I know.. hope I can find it on youtube.

Ok it wasn't easy and there is only one video.. this is what I had in mind.  This was on tour at the theatre..

or this..I also had this in mind.   I'll put it down too.

Good night!! xoxo