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Monday, February 7, 2011

CWS Neko Styling

Well I didn't do tonight's neko styling.  I wore a neko outfit for the fashion show on the weekend though, so it's not like I was unprepared to do the styling, however I did not get on until the show was almost over.

Neko neko.. I think that's japanese for a cat person.  It seems rooted in edgy, grunge fashion but I'm not really sure of the history.  I know the musical Cats though and I assume that the look of human-cat hybrid is a neko.  Maybe not so catlike though since the extent of nekos seem to be ears,tail and oversized paws for feet.

A quick wiki search brings this up for nekos:

A catgirl is a female with cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human body. Catgirls are found in various fiction genres, and in particular Japanese anime and manga where they are more commonly referred to as Neko (猫, literally cat) or Nekomimi (猫耳, literally cat ear(s)), in cosplay activities both in Japan and around the world, in video games, and in online virtual world communities such as the Nekos of Second Life.

Wow they mention SL directly.  Here's a picture of a neko:

I guess it isn't the same as this:
Bombalurina from CATS musical.

Anyways, so tonight's styling was about cat people.  Here's my quick snapshot of the contestants:

And the winners:
Winner:☆Gabriella Allardyce ☆
2nd:☆Chloe Panthar☆
3rd: ☆Nicki Vervain☆

Good job my sisters.

Music tonight is easy.  From the musical about nekos..

and my favorite rendition of it's most popular song:

Music transcends lyrics. It's about the sound, the flow, the emotion. A classical piece is wordless yet moving. A song sung in one language may convey feeling better than the other.

Night night! xoxo