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Sunday, February 20, 2011

CWS Midterms

Today was the CWS new class midterms. So.. since I graduated there wasn't much in terms of events for us old models.

This morning was crazy busy. I had a few hours of sleep, had to run off to class, and had a ton of social obligations to do in real life. Meanwhile I had some things I wanted to send to Anrol before noon SLT.

Unfortunately I was no where near a computer. I rushed some photo editing on my netbook without the hook up to the nice big monitor I usually use. Ok, the netbook screen is less than 11". It was hard to get all the detail I wanted.

Anyways completed. And stealing some wireless signals I managed to log into SL. An hour later I had some real life photo shoots to do. So it was a quick freshen up, dress up and off I went. Three hours later and into the evening I finally was able to log back in proper.

Since it was midterm day, I had some time. I hung out with my good friend who was getting married and with SL baby. Interesting that the babies on SL are much like playing the SIMS game.

Later on I logged out again. When I logged back in I went to Tiffany's club: House of Darkness. The music was great and I enjoyed myself.

I love music as most who know me know. The cool thing about the client is that it lists the names of the songs that is played. So I can get information on so many interesting mixes and recordings. I used to love hanging out in clubs just to write down the songs that interested me.

Ok what I do need are more dances. I love my dances stuffed into my huddle, but I'd like more flavor now. Next non-model goal is to find interesting dances.

That's it for tonight...

Hm music, my favorite song played at the club tonight:

K ni ni. xoxo