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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CWS Geisha Styling

Tonight I am so tired.  The work week's been very tough so far and it's only Tuesday :((

Well I logged in late, so I could only catch the very last part of tonight's creative styling "Geisha".  Everyone looked awesome.  There was even a ninja in the mix (Zig!).  Here's what I saw of the show:

And the winners:

Winner:☆Chloe Panthar☆

2nd Place Winner 
☆Nickle Sparrowtree☆
Our 3rd place Winner 
 ☆Flora Stipe☆

I'm a little disappointed that I did not compete tonight.  I fully intended to.  I even had the places marked from where I would get my stylings.  But oh well.  Next time..

Now I must get my card ready for Anrol.  My picture was selected for the top 10 calendar finalists.  It can be seen here at http://classicglamourmagz.blogspot.com/

or just look at this higher resolution shot of the original.  I had to crop it to a square and shrink it to a 512x512 for the contest.
More good news, I was selected to be part of the January styling show.  This might be difficult though since practice is around my work time.  I will find out soon enough.

K must prepare.. tonight's music is in line with the Geisha theme.  First thing that came to mind when I saw the picture of the winners.  Hopefully YouTube has it,  Oh wow does it ever.. ok, it's a bit non-PC:

That's it for tonight.

 Luv Tiffany.  xoxo