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Sunday, February 6, 2011

CWS Fashion Show K'Dess Designs

Ok 257AM and I'm a little tired.  But I'll spend my energy on this post before bed.

Today's event was the K'Dess Designs fashion show.  We had a few experienced models, of course our instructors who take charge of things, and a few new models too.

Practice was fun.  Pictures, and practice.  The thing though is that the practice took 1hour and 45 minutes and we only had 2 hours before the show started.  So essentially we went straight from practice to the show itself.

Here are snap shots of practice.  If they seem blocky that's because I have my settings down to their minimum graphical allowance in order to fight the lag.

(click for higher res snap shot)

The show went well I thought.  My biggest complaint is in the tiny amount of backstage space we have.  lol.  I have a single mouse wheel notch of space between being zoomed into my avatar's kneecaps, and the camera obscuring back wall. The first pose positions were often just guess work.

More pictures:

Go CWS!!  We rock.

After the show of course, CWS always selects beautiful people to participate in a video shoot.  The videos get posted on the CWS youtube page which gets thousands of hits.

While most of the models leave after the show, I like sticking around to watch the video shoot.  One reason of course is because DebbieDoo is there and I love watching her make people feel so comfortable.  The main reason though is because it's awesome to see people get basically a few thousands of linden worth of free outfits from the designers, AND appear in a video shoot.

A funny thing happened during this video shoot though.  Some bikini girl invaded the stage and jumped into all the photos and dances, perhaps out of mischief, or perhaps because she wanted to make an appearance in the video.

Anrol called her pet tiger and it ate the woman.

I joined in the dance too, and Meimei.  Also during the dance Ajay joined in and it was a great small party.  Ajay changed into a 70s outfit too with a huge afro.  It was fun!

Now though sleep.

Music for tonight.. Kesha because the song is stuck in my head..

DJ turn it up
DJ turn it up
DJ turn it up
DJ turn it up

Good night!!