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Sunday, February 6, 2011

CWS Centerfold Pageant Finale

Ok I forget what the official name of the show tonight was, because it's gone from the schedule.  But it had to do with centerfolds.

Playboy bunnies were everywhere, strutting and dancing in a new room (to me it was).  The lag was mostly tolerable, except for the point in the show where Essence was brought in to give a live concert, and Pink filled the air with butterflies (the stream of colourful butterflies fluttered by my avatar's face).  Every 1 second or so there would be a pause in the client as it struggled to render the room's numerous events like more dancers, people moving around etc..

(Snapshots in high res -- click to make bigger). View all the photos I took on my photo bucket.

the first finalist
facing judgement from the judges (cue this song ... )

the judges

the winners:

Congratulations all finalists.

music (bcause it was played during the show).

Good night!  xoxo