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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CWS Calendar 2010 Finale

Today at CWS was the 2010 Calendar finale. A big show at the dome where the best of CWS put on a show and had their own competition. This includes our teachers Lisana, Veronica, Debbiedoo etc.. and other experienced CWS models.

The show had already started when I logged into SL. I didn't know Debbie was in the show and IMed her for help to get into the audience. She delegated the duty to Flora Stipe who managed to get me into the Dome. Later we got Sidney into the show too and she and I sat next to each other near the front.

(Ok it's 1 Feb 2011, and I just noticed that this post is still in edit mode.  I'll finish it before posting my new one)

The show was spectacular and long.  Our European models were suffering because it was so late for them.

There was fantastic choreography, and wonderful DJing to keep us all entertained.  Here are some snapshots I took from the show:

In the end the winners were announced.  More can be found at the CWS blogspot.  Congratulations Mr. Didler!

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