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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CWS Bride and Groom Styling

OK it's really late. I've been busy. So tonight a super quick post before bed.

Tonight's styling was Wedding oriented. It was a lovely evening filled with models showing off wedding gowns. Everyone was beautiful.

I didn't do the styling though I had an outfit in mind. It would have been different than what the other models had on for sure. Most did not deviate from the normal white wedding gown. One thing I enjoyed was looking for details then since most models played it safe on the creativity and went traditional white gown. I was looking for nails, hair styles, engagement rings (oh so many people did not have an engagement ring on considering they were brides), bouquets, stockings, shoes.

It is nice to see the different gown designs. Some were very beautifully textured. It was obvious the usual suspects spent a lot of SL money in their outfits.

Here are snapshots:
the winners:

1st: Chloe Pantha
2nd:  Sidney Abbot
3rd:s3xyt3mptation Hazelnut

Good show.  Judging wasn't exactly how I would have rated, but that's the thing about the styling.  It's very subjective.  Even the technical dot sticking part is subjective.

Ni ni for now.  Song is what was going in my head ever since 7 brides came out to front stage: