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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Work Trumps Desire

Today was a return to the routine of work and study.  Well it was fun to see friends and coworkers again after the week long holiday break.  But in the back of my mind was the SL fashion show this Friday, and the new dome formation practices that were going on as I sat at my work desk.

Unfortunately I will miss the fashion show this Friday that I was selected to participate in.  The show is at 5pm SLT, but the practices that I MUST attend to be in the show start at 3pm.  Since I cannot make the practice, I had to opt out, although I might be able to make the show itself.  To be fair to the team I had to indicate to Anrol that I could not make it.

She's very kind though and encouraged me to join other contests and things going on so I would get another chance at the next show.

That's it for tonight.   No video tonight because I'm super tired, but I keep adding things to my youtube channel playlists, so there's probably something new.

[Edited this morning to remove times in case of creepy people]