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Friday, January 14, 2011

CWS Cowgirls with Whips

Well work has been such a killer this week.  I'm so tired.  I've been logging in, late for CWS styling shows, and just watching the event before logging out/and or writing on the blog while I afk at home.

The blogs usually don't take very long, because I guess I'm pretty opinionated.  So there is always something to write about.  I've been listening to the new Nicki Minaj album.  It's pretty good.  I'll bounce in Lola Monroe's music after it's done just for fun.  So I'm in a hip-hoppy mellow mood right now.

Today's styling was "Cowperson with a whip".  I wanted to participate in it, but I came home late soo... I couldn't.  The mood was strange at the show today.  I thought it was tense and less jovial, but I guess DebbieDoo was tired.  She livens up the shows and makes them fun.  That made me more reserved as well, so I applauded politely and watched in relative quiet.  I like the usual jovialities though, after all models are thought of as haughty and unfriendly, which is why movie stars and television personalities have been replacing the super model on the cover of magazines and advertising spaces.

Here's the turn out:

 1st  Adrianna Applewhyte
      2nd- Zigrich Zsigmond
         3rd-  Ntaly Anton

A bit predictable honestly.  Tonights winners always place or do well.  Sexy wins out again tonight.  That said, it's obvious that a contest requiring "whips" was baiting for a naughty look.

Sexy works, sex sells, but sometimes it's difficult to make sure you are selling the fashion and not the model.  I mean that the audience/potential buyers should be noticing what you are wearing and not be distracted by skin, special effects, antics, and other distractions.  They should remember what you had on, after you've disappeared back behind the curtain .

Since I've been a spectator for a few stylings now, I can say that the fashions that I would consider going out to buy have not always been those worn by the winners.  I must have no taste.

Of course this is better than the traditional "contest" held on SL where you vote for the "best in ...".  I never ever join those because of, I guess I can call it, corruption and bias.  Corruption in that the contestants usually have a group of friends to vote for them regardless of their true merit.  Bias in that people vote for who they know/their friends instead of voting for who truly deserves it.  That's anti-competitive. 

Music tonight, and a show from a famous sexy modeling show:

Night night.  Until tomorrow.  xoxo