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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CWS Styling Creative Gold

Gold!  gold?  This was a tough styling since I could not think of any gold fashions that were creative.  There were ancient egyptian gold, but those stylings were covered before.  Gold rush?  I don't think a gold digger with a pack mule was very attractive.

In the end I chose a golden phoenix.  Inspired by the ballet L'Oiseau Phenix, and the original fables compiled by Canadian Marius Barbeau in a book called "The Golden Phoenix".  Here is my outfit:

Click for a bigger high resolution picture

The turn out was reasonable.  I got the honour of being last to walk though.  Yaay :(  For models being near, or the last to go out on stage is dangerous.  The judges have seen everyone, heard everyone, and assume that you've had ample time to watch and make adjustments.

Well I was actually thankful that I was last.  My outfit could be pretty lag inducing so I kept the shiny scripted parts off until it was close to my turn.  Since there was no one with me, I was able to put on all the scripted complex parts of my outfit.

Pic of the models:

In the end here are the three winners.  Sorry I didn't take a nice one myself, but here's the official CWS picture::

Winner:☆Tiffani Celestalis☆

2nd:☆Suzie Marenwolf☆

3rd: ☆Nicki Vervain☆

Woohoo I placed!  Thank you so much.

The next few stylings will be tough,  Nightgown and Sexy Dancers.  There are so many sexy people at the stylings.  It'll be hard to keep up with them.

Music for tonight, the one thing I wish we could represent and wear at our stylings:

Good night xoxoxo