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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CWS Styling All You Can Be

My my aren't I predictable.  Another styling show, another blog posting.

I type this just after the show, as usual, but now from my brand new rooftop.  My awesome landlord Oyster, made my privacy sphere a bit bigger so I can better take photos.  He installed a teleport disc that takes me to the rooftop.  And now I have room for a cheap photostudio.  I love it, it's quite comfortable now.

Today was a bad work day, and it had me quite worried and stressed.  From my IMs my friends know about it, and have been great outlets for me.  I asked Debbiedoo how I could transform myself from an Elite model to a Simple one (at CWS the simple models are like the ones chosen for fashion shows), and she helped me towards that goal by checking that I had my dome formation poses ready.  This was something like 1AM for her, so I'm just taking advantage of her lethargic state.

Next step will be to talk with Lisana who will make sure I know my stuff.  I think I do, although someone stole my tiny notebook that has my short hands for all the modeling formations.  Grr.

I wasn't feeling in the best moods so I asked Debbie if I could avoid participating in tonight's styling.  I'll have to do two though before the week is over.  Afterwards she scurried off to help the class of 2k11.  It was their homework night so the styling was really full.

Later on, and now I was playing with my old skins, and taking pictures.  Here's some of what I produced:
That's me with a 15% burner on and Dr.Life skin.
Here's me with Curio skin
Me with Rockberry Skin
Me with Pulse Skin

Fun fun.  Ok back to the styling..

All you can be Theme
Tonight was the all you can be theme.  I still don't know what that means, but obviously it meant wish fulfillment to a lot of the participants.  Huge turn out since it was both an open styling and student homework night:

Here are pics that I took (remember they are hi-res captures and are much bigger after you click on them):

Winners (overall):
1st:Diana Balhaus
2nd: Nickle Sparrotree
3rd-Janda Sahara

Winners (students from class of Jan2011):
1st:Izadora Pelazzi

2nd: Meimei Shiu
3rd-Flora Stipe

The student winners are represented by active participants at these stylings.  I already talked about my theories in previous blogs.  Anrol also gave some tips.  It was a worthwhile event to attend.

Congratulations everyone.

In parallel to the event I was IMing my friend Eloria, who has an old and moldy blogspot that I've included in my links above.  She's a great person and helped cheer me up after a terrible day.  She did hint of new products though.  I can't wait.

Now inspired by "all you can be" and the Olympics which is also about being "all you can be", musique pour vous.  Bon nuit tout le monde.