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Monday, January 3, 2011

CWS Sophisticated Styling


Well I just finished another styling, this time entitled "Sophisticated".  This came after a day of mostly being AFK in SL.  We did manage to do a team practice of the Dome formation.  Debbie was instructing and it was brief but I found it quite fun.  Remember a few days ago, when I said I guessed at what the positions were, well it turns out I was right for the most part except for a bit of a pause on the middle white dot from position #1 and #3.

They also gave us practice schedules.  It's really really hard to meet for people with day jobs.  I have to look at my schedule before I can commit.


Ok, well onto Sophisticated.  This was an interesting styling.  When I think of Sophisticated I don't think of Glamourous.  I guess that comes from some pretty sophisticated persons I know in real life who aren't exactly glamourous.  They've been around the world and can tell you the customs and nuances of different cultures.  They dine on gourmet meals, and have a glass of foreign wines with each meal.  But they can also sleep in tents, and get mud on their boots.  They are well educated (PHD, multiple masters) and are in my mind sophisticated discussing concepts and ideas.  Like the characters from a Dan Brown novel.  As the saying goes:

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Lol, I talk events on my blog and mention people, so I guess I'm a small to average mind.

How to convey sophistication then in fashion?  Well a quick google search came up with a pretty good quick guide in my opinion:

(from http://www.blurtit.com/q933307.html)

Base colours like black, brown, grey, plum and magenta fall in to the sophisticated section and look more elegant then brighter colours like yellow, orange and greens etc. Knee length skirts in the colours mentioned above look sophisticated and elegant. You should wear tops or shirts which do not reveal a lot of skin and fit nicely. Clothes which are too loose or too tight do not look sophisticated in the true sense.

All this to say, it's interesting how to interpret sophisticated.  I instinctively think Hollywood but are stars like Paris Hilton really sophisticated, or are they just glamourous?  

Anyways the styling went ok.  Lots of participants tonight and the lag was pretty bad.  After it all though I didn't place.  Here are the winners (read more at http://classicwstyle.blogspot.com/ ):

1st   Flora Stipe
2nd- CWSGaladriel
3rd- Zigrich Zsigmond

Well that's it for tonight.  Blogs are addictive.  Tonight is the official end of the holiday season for me.  :(

Fashion video today (old from 2008),  I enjoy the ending formation.  The models look worldly, like they're ready to travel places and have expressions that make them seem smart and a bit challenging - sophisticated.  The music is awesome too, these models represent people going places "... These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do...".

Night night.