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Saturday, January 15, 2011

CWS Sasha's Fashion Show

Since it is the weekend (woot!) I logged in during the morning time.  Luckily I got to IM DebbieDoo and we had a nice IM exchange.  Since she had some free time, I managed to get her to go over the dome formation with me.  It's not a difficult formation .. so I thought.  More on that when I mention tonight's show.

After the tutoring, DebbieDoo had to go for lunch, so I took a break from SL and did some real life things.


I returned to SL in time for the show.  But my first pop up was from Classic, that said something about Show.  So I accepted the landmark and whisked off to what I believe would be the fashion show.  Ok, well when I got there I saw my avatar arms flailing about like a fish out of water, so I knew I had entered a super crowded place.  I did what I usually do in that situation, and applied some techniques that CWS teach its students.  

I turned down my graphics settings, reduced the draw distance, and did some other lag combating things and hit my fly button.  I like to fly when I am rezzing because 1. people don't bump you by accident  2. you can maneuver without bumping into people  3. it defaults to one pose instead of cycling through a series of stand poses that my AO goes through.  Anyways the lag cleared after the hundred people or so rezzed on my screen, then I found a seat somewhere in this strange new place.

This is what I saw:

I was some futuristic light and art show with robots.  Anyways.. though cool it was completely different than what I was expecting from a CWS show.  The room was like that council room from the Star Wars movies with the floating podiums.  The show required sound too, so I hit the play button and chewed up my bandwidth as my little netbook worked away.

Eventually I realized I was in the wrong place and went home.  I didn't know where the CWS show was, though I thought it was at the dome.  Unfortunately the landmark for the dome that I have takes you backstage, and in the middle of a show that would be just rude to rez there.

Luckily for me (unluckily for everyone else) the room crashed so the show was stopped momentarily.  This gave me time to get the landmark from Debbie and Steve (via the group chat), and watch the show.

Sasha's Show
The show was quite good.  There was the ever prevalent lag that was oppressing us all, but the models bravely fought through it.  Lisana seemed to handle it the best.  She did her formations perfectly and just walked through the lag.  The other models did their best.  Some outfits didn't rez completely, the lag forced a few to miss their formations, but all in all, a job well done.  Congratulations CWS.

This is where the so I thought comes in.  The formation is straightforward but you have three people moving at the same time.  So three have to coordinate at the same time while new models are ushered in after the first,  Given three different states of lag it's really quite hard.

After the show, Anrol chose five people to be part of the youtube video of the fashion.  Here is who she chose:

Flora Stipe
Cloe Panthar
Janda Sahara
Tiffani Celstalis
Synthel Wylder

Yes there I was.  Thank you Anrol!  I managed to get a gown from Sasha.  It is such an amazing gown with a zillion options.  The post show was really fun.  The girls with me were all so nice.  And we danced the pose show away.

Quite the experience.  Silver linings for me in sim crashes.

That's it for tonight.  xoxo

[Edit]  Pulse has a blogspot now.  Lorac Farella was super kind to me when I was a newbie.  I'll tell the story during another blog post.  I added them to my links,

Omg I almost forgot my usual youtube link.. since I mentioned to luigi about music to model to, and I made the joke slipknot, well ... appropriate song title since I almost forgot.

Ok, how about a little jazz?