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Sunday, January 23, 2011

CWS I'm No Longer Elite

Today was an exciting day.  It was test day for me.  The day where Lisana would test me on knowing all the formations that are necessary to be a model for CWS at a fashion show.  It was a test to see whether or not I would be promoted from Elite model status to Simply the Best model status.

Debbie had prepared me as best as she, and my schedule, would allow.  I spent many times rehearsing the formations, and I thought I knew them well.  This morning was no different.  I was practicing in the morning time.  Did all the formations a few times.  Even ran across Debbie who was showing my friend Carrie (Venus' sister) around the campus while I was at the 123 stage.

Then since I had real life classes in the morning time, I logged out.  I logged back in just before my examination time.  Soon enough, it was time for the exam..

Lisana was thorough.  She not only covered the formations but made me demonstrate them from all the different curtains instead of just choosing one.  Not only that, but she made me demonstrate the bios .. I had not prepared for that.  Thankfully I got my little notebook and my handwritten notes reminded me what I had to do.  All except the Dome bio.  I struggled with a few parts but Lisana was satisfied and alerted Anrol with the recommendation that I get promoted.  Yay!

For a long time I sat on the big gold statue at the Dome.  I was more excited and relieved that I knew.  I didn't know what to do next.  I thought of making nicer pictures for my contest pictures, but I didn't have the motivation anymore.  So I thought perhaps I could make a new profile picture.

Then Carrie IMed me and we decided to go shopping together.  We went through my list of Sunday specials (yes Sunday is still my favorite shopping day) until she had to leave.  Then thinking of heading back to real life, I submitted my contest entry to Anrol.

Anrol confirmed that she agreed to promote me to a Simply the Best model.  I was so happy and grateful but a bit flustered at how to express myself.  Thank you Anrol!

So.. now I have realized my goal to be a fashion model for CWS.  For now my priority shall be to cover all the mistakes and clean up my formations that Lisana's examination pointed out to me.  Then I must try to represent CWS as best as I can.  To keep up the reputation and make my fellow sisters and brothers at CWS proud.  After that, there are so many more challenges. Anrol and Steve designs it that way to ensure we are always evolving to be Simply the Best.  It's not enough to simply label oneself a model and make appearances and pose for a few pictures.  It's more.. it's about building confidence, perfecting one's art, dealing with adversity.  This translates from a virtual context like SL to the real world.  Personally I have become less afraid of failure in real life since attending CWS.  I know for others they have taken away other aspects from CWS.  The experience is different for each of us.

Music for tonight for everyone chasing heir goals.  Don't give up!!

Good night!  xoxo