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Friday, January 7, 2011

CWS Elegance

By the time I could log into SL today, it was quite late and past the start time of the fashion show so it was good that I opted out considering I would definitely have missed it.  I didn't hear much about it, other than some award winners.  I'll have to check the blogspot of CWS for information (see my links)

I decided to take the time tonight to make up my photo for the Elegance contest.  Ok first I'm an amateur at using GIMP so it didn't turn out so great.  Second I'm poor at taking photographs in SL.

The main difficulty was in my choice of outfit (black) and my blonde hair.  Using the green screen technique (where you rub out all the green to put your background of choice), both the black and blonde are green magnets and distort the uniformity of the green colour so it's difficult to erase and replace.  In fact it's a big pain to repair the picture and I spent a lot of time working on that.

The second difficulty is defining what is elegance.


Elegance.  The wiki describes Elegance as  the attribute of being unusually effective and simple. It is frequently used as a standard of tastefulness. Elegant things exhibit refined grace and dignified propriety.

Some associate elegance with simplicity and consistency of design, focusing on the main or basic features of an object, its dignified gracefulness, or restrained beauty of style. One may also attribute elegance to place something in an opulent light—a in tasteful richness of design or ornamentation "the sumptuous elegance of the furnishings."

In other words elegance should be simple and consistent in design while being tasteful and dignified.  It shouldn't be showy and it shouldn't be brazen.  Wedding dresses are a good example.

By extension elegance can be expressed in the setting,  The setting should be tasteful, rich with design yet not gaudy.

Anyways, I'll edit the post and add more later on..  I'm sooo tired.

Here is another FTV video called "Cloudy Elegance - Haute Couture". What I like is how they manage elegance with complex shapes. Really, imagine trying to wear a giant ruffled potato chip like they do and make it look elegant.

Elegance, I believe, then is not just going with something simple. It is making your look appear uniform and beautiful regardless of the complexity.