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Friday, January 21, 2011

CWS Creative Peach Styling

Ok, no blog yesterday since I didn't do anything exciting for a reader of this blog. I did hang out with some friends, but I don't think you'd be interested in the banter.

Today I got to "work at home" for the afternoon. Which meant I could log into SL and respond to the 'dings' that sound whenever there was an IM.

Debbie was on, which always makes me happy. Later in the afternoon she even let me practice my Beach formations with ntaly and other CWS family members.

Most of the time I was on SL doing something, I was trying to take photos for the contest I want to enter, requiring three photographs for Steve. Let me tell you that this is a pain in the butt! I have two pictures I sort of like now, but .. well they're very similar. I wish I could afford a professional photoshop artist to capture my mind's eye.

Ok. well 4pm SLT I decided to get ready for the styling. I didn't have anything, but I had an idea of what I wanted. I wasn't expecting much either, it was another exercise in creativity. Here's my outfit:

As always click the pictures in my blog entries for a bigger. hi-res view.

The basket is weird, it sort of goes into your leg when you walk so you need a special AO for the basket.  I bought it, but regret it now because your avatar waddles like the default walk when you move.  All the dev did was pivot the arm a bit.  Annoying.


On with the show.  It was a big turn out tonight, mostly because the students were out in force.  Tonight was their mid-term exam.  Ok, well I know why some others opted out of the styling.  Too many of us.

Here's the turn out:

Here are the winners (as selecteed by Steve):

 1st-AmyChristine Warcliffe            

             2nd-Chloe Panthar

                           3rd-Nickle Sparrowtree & Tiffani Celestalis 
Yay I got third.  I didn't really expect anything tonight so I'm quite happy that I placed.

To be honest, I thought Meimei was deserving. Her poses had nice flow and I loved her gown.  Still congratulations all!  The students are yet another awesome product of the CWS machine.

I've been near the netbook for quite a long time now.  Maybe a quick picture or two then I'm going to have some real life fun.

Music tonight:
I don't know why, but I'm so addicted to this song today:

Pleasant day reader.  xoxo