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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CWS Creative Japanese Styling

Tonight I got home early.  My bus ride was awesome, only a few arm pits in my face on the ride back.

So I checked the CWS schedule.  Saw that it was another "Creative Japanese" styling.  And went to prepare.  I popped into an old, cheap japanese store where they sold anime type of poses for only $35L each and got a bunch.  Then I put everything together, stuffed a Behaviour Body quick hud with the poses, and hoped I could coordinate between my usual poses and the huds.  Tonight was my night to experiment.  So I used a skin burner, went brunette, and put on men's shoes (resizing them to fit my feet) and off I went.

On with the show.. there was a reasonable turn out, not like last night, but it was reasonable.  Suki was judging.  I did my routine about 5th.  And well I tried to get the timings right but since I didn't rehearse my new poses, they were a bit off.  But oh it was so much fun.

** photos below (click for higher res images) **

Here is what I wore (for Eloria's curiosity):

Here are the contestants.  Everyone looked great though this time I didn't really watch anyone do their posing.

Suki was very thorough in her judging.  She was also careful.  I read my "grades" at the end of the show and she caught everything that I flubbed on.  Good job.  It was fun because she was meticulous in her scoring, everyone decided to amuse themselves.  There was dancing, lots of coordinated CWS dancing, and us Canadians got drunk to ward off the cold weather (yes me too!)

In the end, here were the winners:

 Winners: tiffani Celestalis☆☆☆

 2nd:Zigrich Zsigmond☆☆
 3rd: Ania Sapphir☆

Yes!  I won.  Woohoo.  Well to be honest I don't know if I deserved it.  I experimented tonight and I know I made some boo boos but I'm very happy regardless.  Anyone could have won, and Suki emphasized that it was a matter of single points separating everyone.  Well done contestants!

That's it for tonight.  That's all I did really.  

Hmm.. music.  Para para.. that's all I can think of at the moment.

okie just found this video. It's Japanese -- fits with theme, It's got MJ in it which is related to group dance that went on tonight. It uses cute 3d models -- it fits in well with what went on tonight.

Night night! XOXO