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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CWS Creative Japanese Styling

Ok well tonight was the Japanese styling.  It was a little smaller than I expected, maybe because it is hump day and people are generally tired.  Having survived about 6 hours straight of meetings, I know that I am.

Still a good turn out, as you can see in my picture below:

So I was expecting all sorts of crazy costumes and outfits but actually it was quite subdued with most models wearing traditional Japanese clothing and nothing outrageous like Power Rangers outfits, or rubber Godzilla suits.

I came in late, and the show was near it's end but from what I saw, it was lovely.  Anyways two of the three winners tonight were classmates from my graduating class of Dec 2010.  WTG Sidney and Ken!

Winner:Sidney Abbot
2nd:Meimei Shiu
3rd:Kenshin Xevion 

Here's Steve's picture (from the CWS blog page -- see my links)

As you can see, Steve must have his settings set all the way to Ultra since that oversaturation of light is also what I get when I set my settings to everything on.  The face light is the culprit and so, warning to us models, turn down the coefficient of the face light to about 20% or less or you will get saturated.  Or simply just remove it.

Since I like my environments set to default, I like face lights.  Though as students learn here at CWS you can optimize the environment through the SL client to never need face lights.  Everyone will look perfect.

KK today's song is easy.  I had this in mind the moment I read Japanese..

Night night.  xoxo