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Saturday, January 8, 2011

CWS Being a Ghost

It's Saturday night/Sunday morning.

On Saturday I was on SL a few times, mostly afk or idle in my little rented space. I spent a nice amount of Linden on stuff that I don't know will/or will not be useful. And I bought my new years outfit for the CWS contest. I think I chose the wrong colour though. Unfortunately I don't have the budget to afford the fat pack.

I found out today that I was blocked from going back to UCWS. The university of CWS that I attended just last month. I suppose that's because I'm a graduate now, but I wanted to help out some old friends who did not graduate with their formations. I used to spend quite a bit of time on the practice runways. More than most probably know. Oh well, the torch is passed to the next generation of students now. I hope they have as much fun as I did.

Later on in the evening I heard from an old friend in SL who had been caught up in good things in real life. I was happy to chat with her briefly and came to realize that I'm pretty much just a ghost in SL. Transparent, fleeting. I don't belong anywhere and don't have any one group of friends I can rely or call on.

It's reflected in CWS too. There is a certain network that exists even amongst the CWS Elite Models (graduates of the university). Models came into the university as proteges or friends of existing models and already belong to that clique of CWS. I am a complete outsider having come into CWS purely based on getting a random notecard and doing my research.

I was going to go on about how much I've put into my SL interest in modeling, and how I've tried to be nice to others but it's not really relevant. I talked with experienced friends on what to expect in modeling and so whatever goes on has not surprised me. All I know is that Anrol tries her best to help those with modeling in their head realize these dreams. She knows what's up and pushes all aspiring models to get out there and work.

Since this is going to be a long blog I'll split it here for easier digestion. In fact there is another thing on my mind about kindness and expectations but I'll save that for a later blog entry.

A ghost is a bad thing. Here is my perception that may benefit a student or aspiring model/anything. If you are an unknown quantity and people don't really know your personality, and are not a friend then you are immediately disadvantaged.

Since modeling is very much judged on artistic/stylistic impression and technical/pose formation merit it parallels with figure skating -- another judged activity. In figure skating the top ranked skaters are not always the most technical or even give the best performance. In fact articles like this one have been written about reputation bias:

from http://journals.humankinetics.com/jsep-back-issues/jsepvolume26issue1march/areputationbiasinfigureskatingjudging

The current study examined whether expectations, assumed to be created by the positive reputation of an athlete, produced a bias in judging at either the encoding or evaluation phase of sport performance appraisal.

the conclusion

These findings suggest that a reputation bias does exist when judging figure skating, and that it is present during the evaluation phase of sport performance appraisal, as reflected by the ordinal and technical merit marks.

So two things are clouded by reputation of the performer both artistic impression and technical. Surprising considering artistic is a deeply personal thing while technical should not have opinion at all. Obviously reputation bias influences judging.

So being a ghost is a bad thing. When you get into the clique, the "in-crowd" there will be a favoritism that can only benefit you. This I believe is because when they know your personality then they understand the quirks and reasons behind your choices and words. Stylistic differences are magnified when you know how much of a transformation it was.

Of course it's also not just about networking it's also about rank/station. Schmoozing and sucking up as anyone in the corporate world knows is part of the game (which I hate intensely). But that's another big discussion and I'm sure everyone knows about it.

That's it for now. I could write so much more but It's already gotten boring so I'll stop.

Song.. a ghostly song from one of my favorite groups (though I wish they would release a new album soon). The song is a cover (I like it) and following is the original.

Here's a figure skating one from my favorite skaters:

Night night. xoxo