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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My First Contest: Styling Movie Star Theme

Well I missed class today. The times were way sooner and just impossible to make. It seems like such an important class too. Well I'll do my best to catch up. Many of us missed it in fact. Tabytha was kind enough to pass today's notes to me and some others.

I did make it for the CWS homework assignment though. That was to enter a contest:

ஜॐ♥ஜ Classic W/ Style ஜॐ♥ஜ
Simply The Best!
Executive Model Trainer- VeronicaLynn Parx

I had about 10 minutes to get ready. I did a quick outfit change and put on an old HUD of poses of which I had no idea what was in it. Well I do what I can.

The contest was pretty full, a mix of contestants and students. Some seemed to have done this before. But amongst the CWS students, it was the first time for many of us.

The outfits were varied. Some were creative. Some mimicked a celebrity. Some seemed very formal. I decided last minute to go with an old outfit that was somewhere in between that mimicked a role (Bond girl) in a movie, and was somewhat formal.  Here I am, unaltered snapshot:

Many said they were nervous. I guess I was nervous because I didn't properly prepare. But really it was fading. The worst I could do is make a complete fool of myself. On an aside I think it's a great thing to be confident, but a failing to be over confident. I usually jump between over confidence and incompetence with no in between.

When it was my turn to walk the plank, I did the rounds out of memory. I noticed mistakes in my timing and transitions that could have been improved if I had properly prepared my huddle. And several poses were ill suited for the spot I executed them at.. but that's because each pose was a surprise. And the timing of the acknowledgements -- when you present the event and describe your outfit -- was a bit different from what I learned in class. The presentation as well was different, like writing a paragraph or emote that dancers do in SL. I think that's what is expected.

I got through it. Of course I didn't rank but I didn't expect to. Here is a photo of the winners (including a fellow student! Congratulations Gia (she's on the left of the Movie Star Playboy Bunny ... )

Here's the previous contest winner for the event "Styling Full Figured Women":

Ok what are my lessons learned?

1. prepare your poses ahead of time, know what each looks like and is suited for the pose position. For example a pose that causes your model to spin her back to the judges is poor, or causes your model to walk in air off the runway.

2. flavour the paragraph. I believe this is intended to show off your personality.

3. make smaller camera circles. I hit the windows button a few times during the show. I need to control that better.

4. prepare your outfit ahead of time. I didn't have time to go shopping (no money either) to find an appropriate outfit.

5. be creative. the three finalists wore interesting outfits that were unique I think. I still don't know how the judges interpreted the "Movie star" theme though to be honest.  But I appreciate that judging is a very difficult, and very subjective thing.

That's it for tonight.