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Monday, December 6, 2010

CWS & the blog creating class

Today at Classic With Style (CWS) school for aspiring models, we were provided a lesson on blogging. I've never done this before, so this is my first ever blog.

The class started with a few basic lessons on blogging. Here are some of the basics covered:

.. how to insert a picture:

(old picture, old nose, weird smile)

.. how to add a link (to the Second Life marketplace):
This is my link.

.. how to link to a article:

.. how to add a video. Well for this I didn't have any local videos on my netbook so I cheated and added a youtube link through HTML editing:

.. and much more (such as jump breaks, settings configurations)

This was essentially a 2 hour tutorial on blogging. A valuable lesson included in the university at CWS. Amazing.