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Monday, December 13, 2010

My Second Styling Contest

Okay well tonight I managed to log in on time for a new styling contest themed "Showgirls", though guys could also compete and win (congratulations Ken!)  Our student body is rocking the styling contests.  Again I didn't have much preparation though.  I had some showgirl poses but most were sitting and in a contest where the normal model strings 3-4 poses together per posing spot, that simply was not enough.  So I went to a collection of animated poses I had and figured out a sequence while waiting in line for my turn.

The lag was really bad.  On a humorous note, I couldn't rez fast enough to find where the contest was being held so I used Phoenix's radar feature to teleport on top of my poor friend Agee's head to get there.  I'm glad she didn't notice.

The contest was fun.  Good competition and I got to meet Venus' (my classmate and friend) mother Ms. AngelRaella Shelman, who was beautiful and also a model.  Good genes.

I didn't place.  I'm pretty sure there were some major points.  One was pose selection, based on some comments by Anrol after the contest.  Two was shoe selection.  Third was creativity.  Some contestants wore such creative show girl outfits such as Japanese noh clothing, or Mardi Gras inspired wear.  I just put on a vintage dress I liked, and popped on a feathery hat and long cigarette holder and entered.  I need to work on more creative interpretations of the themes (that takes time though).  Also, I was slightly offset on a couple of corner dots during my poses, messed up on my camera, and some other minor observations that I will have to correct as a model.

You can read about the winners at (http://classicwstyle.blogspot.com/).  They did a very traditional interpretation of a Showgirl.  Lots of skin showing there isn't there?

 I was impressed after reading the winner's styling, she did her research.  Here's a link for more reading to continue what she started (http://oklahomashowgirls.com/historyofshowgirls.aspx).

After the contest, we had a fun practical class describing how to modify accessories to fit our bodies.  After some practice pulling little hats like it was taffy, we moved on to review our formations as a group.  I thought we did pretty well.

It's past midnight on a work week.  Good night everyone.  I'll leave with some music. You may know it (it fits with tonight's styling theme):

Okay I just had to post the original: