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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CWS Post Exam: Hump Day

Today was so busy at work. Rush rush rush before the Christmas break.

Afterwards, since the CWS classes had taken so much time, I realized that I had barely done any Christmas shopping. Sooo off I went into the malls and spent most of my pay for this week on gifts. I didn't realize that netbook computers were so popular this year, and ebook readers too. They were sold out everywhere (the cheaper ones anyways).

I wanted to make the styling but I was about an hour too late. I had an outfit almost picked out too. Well good news is that our classmate Agee placed in the contest. Awesome!

I ended up shopping later on. The lag was so bad though that my purchases "failed to rez" and then disappeared from my inventory.

Now as the night winds down, I'm shopping with Agee for poses she needs for the formations. She is very determined to become a successful model.

That's it for now.