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Saturday, December 11, 2010

CWS on a Saturday night

Because of classes in real life, I missed the morning of Second Life where I believe there was a fashion contest that us students were supposed to participate in.  I apologized to DebbieDoo who was generous in her understanding.  I finally decided to go pose shopping today, but the moment I stepped into a store there was a call for a fashion show of TNC's collection.  

I went to watch the fashion show.  It was nice to see our teachers in action.  They were very good as expected with clean crisp professional modeling and showed off the fashion line very well.  The clothing designs were very nice, and I especially liked the gowns.  CWS represented the products exceedingly well.  At the end of the show three people in attendance were selected for a video of the line.  The video should be available through the main CWS blog soon (http://classicwstyle.blogspot.com/).

After the show I tried to shop for poses but I had more real life interruptions.  Then it was time for the class.

Tonight's class was about self-confidence and styling.  I think I touched on these topics in my previous blogs so I won't repeat what I said.  Nonetheless it was a good class and my fellow classmates seemed to enjoy it.  Homework at the end of class.  I really need to catch up on all my CWS homework.  Not tonight though, it's still early and it's a Saturday night.  I need to have some real life fun.  Bye for now.