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Friday, December 10, 2010

CWS Formations

Hello again.  Tonight I barely made it to class.  I got home from work with about 15 minutes before class started.

Tonight we reviewed our formations.  It was very nice to see how amazingly well my class has progressed, well except for me.  I finally got the chance to try the 1.2.3. formation for the first time after days of asking around for demonstrations and/or help.  To my surprise I was practicing them blindly, correctly.

A note though.  In modeling those group popups/notifications lag me immensely so instead of walking smoothly there are frame skips that make your actual position hard to figure out.  So shut down those group notifications.

The class was fun. I love my teacher.  A few of us need various bits and pieces though like formations and class notes.

Talking with Anrol, who is so very nice and accessible for being a boss lady, she opened the group chat as a forum to discuss issues and problems.  It makes sense since all the teachers and classmates are so willing to help out.  I'm happy I chose to attend this university.